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Blade Angle measurement tools and Height Gauges
High quality tools and accessories for the serious woodshop craftsman. We understand the need for precision tools to help you with your projects.
Angle Perfect III

The Only Measurement Tool You Need to Set Up The Five Critical Elements of Your Table Saw Alignment ™ -
The Angle Perfect setting device takes the guess work out of setting 45 & 90 degree saw blade angles.  Do you dread changing the angle on your saw blade knowing that you can't depend on the built in saw scale.  Precise angle adjustment is best achieved electronically.  You're only guessing when the mechanical measuring instrument is touching the object you are measuring.  Sometimes the lines seem to run together.  With Angle Perfect™ the LED lights the way.  Place Angle Perfect™ against the fully extended table saw blade and turn the angle adjustment wheel on your table saw into the Angle Perfect™.  When contact is made the LED insures that you have the perfect angle. This handy device lets you find the two most used angles 45 & 90 degrees assuring their accuracy to + / - .005 in a matter of seconds. No more checking and rechecking with a square for accuracy. Angle Perfect™ has a heavy magnetic base to hold it securely on the table saw. This precision instrument is not limited to your table saw, it works equally well with setting the jointer fence, drill press, or any tool with a metal tilted table top.
The Angle Perfect III Measures:
  • Perfect 45 degree saw cuts
  • Perfect 90 degree saw cuts
  • Saw Blade Runout
  • Rip Fence Runout
  • Squaring the Miter Gauge
Angle Perfect III    
Part #  PR-AP-3


Blade Gauge III: This is an enhanced version of our original BladeGauge, now offering much more versatility.  BladeGauge III is aimed at hands-free precision router bit measurement. as well as saw blade height. Includes Zero Clip.

Nested on the top edge of the printed circuit board, 3 clips can be positioned over any of the existing 1/8" steps in increments of 1/32', 1/16", & 3/32".  These clips will expand BladeGauge III from 16 steps to 48 over the 2" range.

The Magnawire provides an electrical path on nonmetallic surfaces, such as a router table.

A conversion table printed on the unit provides quick and easy reference for subtraction fractions.

Blade Height  Measuring Device
Part # PR-BG-3



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