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Introducing....  T-WiTS   (Thin Wall independent Tube Support)

Now have the capability to notch into thin wall tubing, or notch short pieces of tube - without destroying the hole saw (or the tubing!)   Before now it has been nearly impossible to notch thin wall tubing with any hole saw type notcher (unless you've taken the time and energy to make some means of support).  

T-WiTS will improve the clamping capabilities in most all vises, saws and tube notchers.

Save money by utilizing short pieces! And hole saws and blades will last longer too with the better support from T-WiTS!

- tube notching
- milling
- sawing
- drilling
- bicycle frame mitering 
- motorcycle frame mitering 
- aviation 






Ever needed to clamp a short piece? 
...yet find it difficult (if not impossible) to secure? 
T-WiTS makes it simple!  
Watch this "short" (pardon the pun) video.
Watch a video of the T-WiTS notching thin wall tubing.

Affordable pricing!  $19.95 each

 If  T-WiTS can keep you from destroying just one or two hole saws... then they'll just about pay for themselves!  



Part Number Size Price Purchase
T-WITS-13 1/2" $19.95

T-WITS-16 5/8" $19.95

T-WITS-19 3/4" $19.95

T-WITS-22 7/8" $19.95

T-WITS-25 1" $19.95

T-WITS-29 1-1/8" $19.95

T-WITS-32 1-1/4" $19.95

T-WITS-35 1-3/8" $19.95

T-WITS-38 1-1/2" $19.95

T-WITS-44 1-3/4" $19.95

T-WITS-51 2" $19.95

Super Savings!
Complete Set


Starrett Hole Saws We recommend a quality hole saw when notching tube.


Snap Collar Locators.  Take your tube notching to the next level! They simply snap onto the tube and can be rotated or slide into position during layup. They're a handy way to keep reference especially when rotating or flipping a tube around to make a second cut. 



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