Tube Benders
We are a proud distributor of JD Squared and Baileigh Industrial tube benders.  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!
JD Squared Tube Benders Baileigh Industrial Tubing Benders


Pro Tools 105 Tube Bender
Pro-Tools tube and pipe benders have provided fabricators with affordable, easy-to-use bending solutions for over 30 years. Pro-Tools machines are designed to withstand constant use in a fabrication shop for multiple generations. Proudly Made in the USA.
Baileigh Industrial Tube Benders
Quality tubing benders, pipe benders, and tube notchers. These hydraulic benders are manufactured for production applications. 


Roll Benders 
We now offer several Roll Benders for you fabrication needs. Great for flat bar, round tubing or pipe and smaller angle iron. This roll bender comes with the lateral guide rolls allowing for two dimensional bending, as well as a set of standard section rolls.

Bending Accessories


BendTech Software
Eliminate waste and increase productivity with BendTech tube bending software.  Multiple versions available to suit your fabrication needs. 
Degree Stop
An extremely useful tool aid to alert you when you have reached your desired bend. It has been designed to work specifically on the JD Squared Tube Benders
Digital Angle Finder
Easily find the angle using this digital protractor.  Why not make it easy on yourself and go digital? No more guessing the degree marks on a traditional protractor. Get with it man!
SYNC Bevel
The Sync Bevel is a simple & practical tool to accurately match up the angle of two intersecting tubes to transfer the angle to a notcher. No more need to read degrees on a protractor.

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