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The MicroJig 3D Pushblock System 
Critically acclaimed precision pusher system that has forever changed operating a table saw. Don't sacrifice a perfectly planned project and your safety when it comes to woodworking. Feed wood safer and more accurately than ever before with the GRR-Ripper.
Save your fingers for only
Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Jig
As the most versatile pocket hole jig available today, the Kreg Jig  provides the flexibility needed to use pocket hole joinery in nearly any situation! Use this jig to build cabinets, entertainment centers, tables, chairs, decks, stairs, angles, curves, window and door extensions, drawer boxes, rough 2X construction... you name it! 
JET "Full Power Savings" 2014 Industrial Sales Event   JET still holds to the same values founded on. Quality, Innovation and Service.
JET Metalworking Specials
JET Woodworking Specials
Kreg Deck Jig If you are building a deck, this tool is a must have that will save you time, and make your project look perfect. The Kreg Deck Jig lines up your deck boards evenly and eliminates visible screws on the top. 
Alden Wrench open end ratcheting wrenchAlden Wrench
This open ended ratcheting wrench is a must for those hard to reach places. Perfect for when you cant reach your nuts!
Gorilla Gripper Now you can move plywood, MDF, drywall, glass, or any other type of sheet material easily, without straining your back, neck, shoulders, wrists, or hands. Reduces fatigue when moving multiple sheets.  Steel and aluminum frame with rubber cushioned comfort handle. USA 
RAGE 3 Sliding Miter Saw will cut steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood. The special multipurpose blade makes it easy to cut through these different materials without changing the blade.  Ever get frustrated trying to cut a piece of board, only to find it has nails in it?  The RAGE 3 saw can cut right through!
Uncle Bills TweezersUncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezers You'll never struggle to pull a sliver out again. No pair of compact tweezers offers such pinpoint precision. The inside tips are surfaced to grip and hold small objects. Buy one for your cosmetic bag, your first aid kit, and your fishing tackle box. Arguably the finest tweezers you'll ever use, Uncle Bill's Tweezers have precision ground, stainless steel points providing pin-point gripping. 
Thin Wall independent Tube Support
The easy way to clamp, saw, or notch thin wall tubing. TWITS, or "Thin Wall Independent Tube Support" is just the tool to accomplish the task.  For use in the  aviation, bicycle manufacturing, and a number of other industries. TWITS will hold your thin wall tubing without crushing or destroying it. A must have  New Product for tube notching


Chicago Brand high quality calipers, micrometers, microscopes, protractors, height gages, dial indicators, squares, thickness gages, other inspection gages and tools for machine shop and general use
Occidental Leather Tool Belts
Compare any other tool belt to an Occidental system. Instantly you'll see and feel the difference. At Occidental Leather, we use only the best, extra-thick, water-repellent leathers available. With 20 years of field tested designs, you can be assured that you're purchasing the most unique and hardest-working tool systems in the business. 
Mullan Magnetic Plumb Bob Reel. Attaches to wood, metal, or string line! This little reel is a great gift idea for ANY builder or contractor. 


offers the solution to keeping your hand tools organized, accessible, neatly stored and ready to transport anytime. This tool bag offers unsurpassed storage capacity and is made to stand up to a lifetime of use.
Dead On Hammers  We now stock hammers from Dead On Tools. You might also want to check out our selection of Stiletto and Dalluge hammers too!
The features of the POSI LOCK puller make it the safest and easiest puller in the Industry!  The reason for the safety and ease of use is our control cage which holds the pulling jaws securely in either open or closed positions. 

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