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Baileigh Industrial are makers of  high quality tubing benders, pipe benders, and notchers. Their pipe benders and tube notchers are designed, machined, and assembled with the utmost attention given to quality. If your looking for a quality tube bending machine look no further.  
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* 2-1/2" Tubing capacity
* 2" Schedule 40 pipe capacity
* 2" Square Tubing capacity
* Auto Stop Optional (RDB-150AS)
* 2-1/2" Tubing capacity
* 2" Square Tubing capacity
* Foot Switch
* Auto Stop Feature Included


Notch quicker and cleaner than abrasive style machines without sparks, dust, and excessive heat.  Notch 1" to 3" Tubing.


Baileigh Roll Benders
* Round, Square, Flat, Angle
* Large Radius Bends
* Several models to choose from!


Die Packages for Baileigh Tube Benders
* Tube Die Packages
* Pipe Die Packages

* Square Die Packages



Model Max Capacity Round Max Capacity Square Max Radius Programmable Console Speed to 180 degrees Power Req Weight
150  2-1/2"  2"  8" no 30 sec 110v 600 lbs
175 2-1/2" 2" 9" no 30 sec 110v 630 lbs




From the manufacturer:

Our commitment to service ensures timely shipments and unmatched support.

All tooling is made from high quality steel for the finest looking bends and tooling life. Our line of rotary draw benders can be fitted with one of our popular die sets on this page. If a package is not right for your application, don't worry. We offer thousands of die set combinations for standard or custom applications. Whether it's mild steel, chrmolly, stainless, anodized aluminum, titanium, or something else we can supply the tooling to get the best looking bend. Round, square, rectangular solids, or other shapes are no problem so the job shop can keep taking in new bending jobs.

We offer a complete line of bending machines to fit most requirements, from manual hand benders up to the largest capacities found in portable bending units. Even if you are bending 4" tube, our machines are mounted on wheels for easy mobility around the shop floor or job site.

Simplicity in design as well as heavy, solid construction features ensure the equipment will be trouble free and easy to use for years.











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