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The RDB 150  tube bender.  The model 150 is a great pipe bender with a maximum capacity of 2-1/2" tubing  and 2" Schedule 40 pipe. The Model 150 is an ideal pipe bender for auto chassis, roll cages, hand railing, hydraulics, motorcycle frames, go karts, furniture, structural plumbing, marine products, etc. The RMD hydraulic tube bender is extremely easy to use and allows for beautiful quality bends on thick, medium, and some thin walled tubing, and pipe.  



  • One shot bending up to 206 degrees without stopping 
  • 2" Schedule 40 pipe,
  • 2" square,  2-1/2" tube .
  • Auto-stop option for one bend programming.
  •  Bend can be advanced after stopping machine, saves on set up costs, (material savings)
  • This tube bender has a maximum CLR of 7"
  • This tube bender design is coupled with a powerful  hydraulic pump that reduces production time and improves efficiencies.
  • Variable speed controlled by operator.
  • Quick release counter die system allows the pipe bender to be loaded and unloaded quickly.
  • Bends can be advanced after stopping machine, saves on set up costs, (material savings).
  • Baileigh Industrial  tube benders are ideal for: hand railing, marine products, racing chassis and roll cages, fences and gates, furniture frames, hydraulics, stainless plumbing, and much more. Power Required: 110 V, Single Phase, 20 amp, 60 cycle.

View a video of the 150 Tube Bender


RDB150 Tube Bender 

This Item ships direct from Baileigh Industrial-  Wisconsin



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Please Note:  Pipe is measured by I.D.    Tube is measured by O.D.

Specifications Material Max Capacity

Max Wall Thickness

Height:  42" Pipe ( I.D. ) 2" Schedule 40
Length:  44" Tube ( O.D ) 2-1/2" .125
Width: 28" Chromolly 2" .125
Weight:  510 lbs Square Tube 2"  .125
Power: 20A  110v  1ph Solid Rod ( O.D ) 1-1/4" -
Max CLR  7"  Aluminum ( O.D. ) 2-1/2"" .156
Max Bend  206 degree Stainless ( O.D. ) 2-3/8"" .125






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