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Occidental Leather Tool Holders


5012 - Hammer Holder 5059 - High Mount Hammer Holder  5040 - Clipon Hammer Holder

 Our best selling hammer holder! Hammer holder hardware is captured between two layers of premium 12-oz leather and locked into position with plated steel rivets. Leather back is stitched o four years of service and protects you from rivet heads and handle slapping. Suitable for pipe wrenches, sheet metal shears, rigging axe, etc.

The name says it all. The High Mount Hammer Holder is constructed of our highest quality strap leather. Comfortable and light weight. Belt Worn
Quality leather & steel hammer holder. Allows quick on and off installation, anytime, anywhere. 
5020 - 2 in 1 Hammer Holder  5520 - 5 in 1 Tool Holder  5518 - No Slap Hammer Holder
This rugged 2-in-1 holder offers twice the tool capacity in the belt space of one item.
Sturdy 12 oz English Bridle Leather ensures years of endurance in the field.
5 times the tool capacity in the belt space of one holder. Offers holders for hammer, lumber crayon or screw driver, pliers, pencil, plus, it includes a 2003  Tool Shield. May be worn on any belt up to 3" wide. 
All leather hammer/tool holder with a long sleeve design to prevent tools and handles from swinging and "knee-capping". Also accommodates hammer tackers and flat bars up to 1 ⅝" diameter.


5156 - 2" Hammer Holder  (for 2" belts only) 5522 Tape and Tool Holder 5047 - Tape and Tool Holder
The traditional, steel cradle type hammer holder. Extra heavy leather back. Specifically designed accessory for carpenters that prefer a metal hammer holder on the back of the Beltless systems. 12-oz leather with steel hammer hardware. 2" slots perfectly fit the connecting strap on the Beltless sets.

4 times the tool capacity in the belt space of one. Holders for tape, lumber crayon or screw driver, pencil, plus, it features a 2003 Oxy Tool Shield for sharp tools such as chisels or work knife. Designed for professionals and weekend warriors


 Compact combination sleek and slick tool holder keeps utility knife, 2 pencils and a 25'  FatMax 


5037 - High Mount Holder 5046 - Clip On Tape Holder 5013 Shear Holster 
Quality leather high mount tape pocket. Fits onto Occidental Leather belts. Holds up to a 35'  FatMax

Click for a detailed pictureThe newest Occidental Clip On Tape Holder.  Clips directly on to your belt and snugly fits the 35' fatmax tape.

Specifically designed to accommodate most pliers and side cutters. Ideal for Felco and other pruning shears.
Dimensions: 2.75" x 5.5"


2003 - Tool Shield 2006 Pocket Shield

Oxy Tool Shield is the very best in protection for tools, bags, and body! These very sturdy additions to our product line fit into most of the bags currently manufactured by Occidental Leather.



Insert in any tool pocket for extra protection and smooth access.

This 2" x 6" polypropylene shield helps protect your bags from sharp tools. Order extras to outfit your vest or tool bags.


5014 Universal Holder 5025 - Plier and Tool Holster 5528 Off Set Snip  Holster
Universal holster with open bottom. For squares, pliers, side cutters, tin snips, large crescent wrenches, etc. 
Dimensions: 2-1/4" x 6"


Plier and tool holder with open bottom. For pliers, side cutters, crimpers, etc. Also holds 10oz through 24oz plumb bobs.
 Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 5"


This leather holster Holds offset metal snips such as Wiss M6 or M7 and similar models used for steel framing also accommodates pruning shears. Ideal for use with the 2003 Oxy Tool Shield

5028 - Snip Holster   5032 - Tapered Tool Holster  
All leather holster designed originally for steel framing. Works great for many other applications where the irwin or WISS WS1, 2, 3 snips are used. Also fits many other tools. Makes a great "no-swing" leather hammer holster as well Dimensions: 2.75" x 5.5"


All leather tool holster suitable for a Bull Pin, also excellent belt worn nail bar holster.  Size: 1-3/4" x  6-1/2" 


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