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Occidental Left Handed Tool Belts and Tool Holders

If you swing a hammer with your right hand, you don't want to pull it out with your left hand and then switch just to use it. Thus a left handed tool belt or bag was created just for you lefties


5018DBLH 3 Pouch Tool Bag
5060LH    3 Pouch Pro Fastner Bag
5061LH   2 Pouch Pro Fastner Bag
5062LH   4 Pouch Pro Fastner Bag
5066LH   Drill Holster
B5625LH      Black Leather Green Builder
5080DBLH   Pro Framer Package
5087LH   Framing Set
5089LH   7 Bag Pro Framer

8080DBLH Oxy Lights Pro Framer
8060LH  Oxy Lights 3 Pouch Bag
8062LH  Oxy Lights 4 Pouch Bag

Left Handed Examples

Regular Version
* Left Handed
* Left Handed


Left-Handed Model means 'for Left-handed People' and not to be confused with 'Left-sided'.  A common mistake is to order a Left-handed fastener bag and assume that it is to be worn on the left side.     A Left Handed fastener bag is worn on the right hand side! 


We also stock calipers for left handed people...


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