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Leather Tool Belt Systems from Occidental

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5530 Big Oxy  (Limited Edition) 
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How to choose a tool belt!

Whether you're a professional builder or a weekend warrior, a tool belt will be a benefit as it keeps hand tools and supplies at your fingertips. Depending upon your specific needs, there are numerous styles and prices of tool belts available. Keep some simple tips in mind when shopping for one.

Define the purpose of your tool belt in order to choose the best one. Make a mental list of what kind of projects you intend to pursue. If you are a framer, a basic belt with pouches to hold your hammer, nails, chalk box, tape measure and perhaps a cordless nail gun is sufficient. If you are an electrical contractor, you should buy one with enough pouches to hold the different connectors and tools you will need.

Decide how cumbersome your tool belt can be before it hinders your work. Roofers, traditionally choose lightweight belts that won't impede their climbing ability. If agility is an issue, choose from lightweight, durable nylon with only the necessary pouches. Consider a style that features suspender-type supports to hold the belt in place.

Purchase a basic belt and add pouches as you go. If you will be in different building situations day to day, an add-on belt may be the best choice. A heavy-duty, reinforced belt can hold many individual pouches. Purchase separate items to suit your needs. Another benefit to this style is the ability to arrange the pouches in the best configuration.

Examine the tool belts for documentation of right-handed or left-handed design. If you swing a hammer with your right hand, you don't want to pull it out with your left hand and then switch just to use it.

Choose from special features such as padding, extra wide belts and reinforced pouch stitching if you need extra comfort or durability.

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