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Occidental Leather Belt Free Tool Belt Systems and Tool Vests

Belt-Free is a shoulder worn method of carrying tools and fasteners that provides even load distribution, and does not use a tool belt. The average load of a pro carpenter is 20 to 25 lbs. the alternative to the lower back and hip pain from carrying this weight is a Belt-Free system. A system designed to rest on the shoulders and distribute weight evenly throughout the torso instead of directly on the lower back and hips.

Occidental Belt-Free tool belt systems are an excellent alternative for commercial work, indoor and cold season applications. Builders who work constantly in the hot sun may require belt worn systems. Builders who work in varied climates and job site environments may choose to alternate between belt worn and belt free for efficiency, comfort, and to give their bodies some welcome relief.


Stronghold Beltless 

Item Numbers:  5093

Suspenda Vest 

Item Numbers: 2500 / 2550 / 2580

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Oxy Tool Chest 

Item Numbers: 2008

Oxy Work Vest 

Item Number: 2575


Occidental Builders Vest

Item Number: 2535

Freedom Framer

Item Number 2518

Occidental InstaVest

Item Number 1550



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