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Baileigh Industrial Pipe Benders: Wisconsin distributor of tubing and pipe benders, cold saws, band saws, sheet metal brakes and notchers, ironworkers, and more. Proud distributor of RMD pipe and tube benders.

California Air Tools: Ultra quiet oil less air compressors.

Checkpoint Level Company  Quality torpedo and laser levels. 

Chicago Brand Machine Tools   Machine Tools such as Calipers, Micrometers, and other measuring devices used by professional machinists all over the world.

Dalluge Hammers Makers of the quality framing hammers

Dead On Tools Makers of the "Death Stick" Hammer, don't let their "bad attitude" fool you. Dead On Products are serious tools of the trades. Forty plus years of construction industry experience goes into every tool, and every tool is designed to perform in the most demanding conditions.

D-Unique Tools Makers of "The Universal Square" which is a wall partitioning layout tool. It is a carpenter tool that saves 70% of layout time. It's a pro's tool that can help you get professional results in less time with fewer mistakes. 

Evolution Metal Saws The Evolution metal cutting saw quickly and easily cuts through steel and aluminum without producing sparks, heat or burrs, to leave a neat, clean finish every time - No need for coolant!

Kreg Company Manufacturer of the world famous Kreg Jig Pocket hole cutter, and  the new portable pocket hole jig "The Rocket"

ProTools Benders Metal fabrication tools such as tubing benders and tube notchers. The new M3B (model 3 bender) is now available to the general public. Many of JD2's benders can been seen at professional race car fabrication houses.

JET Equipment and Tools   Is an industry leader in Woodworking, Metalworking, Material Handling and Air Tools. Jet has a fantastic group of engineers and products managers who are dedicated to bringing you the the best variety and quality on the market

Metal Pro Ironworker fabrication tool used for cutting steel and large pieces of metal

Metal Armor Polish Metal polish for polishing a variety of metals.

Mullan Plumb Bob Reels Quality Magnetic Plumb Bob Reels that connect to wood, metal, or string line.

Occidental Leather Tool Belts There was a time when form and function were inseparable. Today, these qualities rarely co-exist in manufactured products. The Occidental Leather tool belts are a notable exception. Combining 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century manufacturing techniques has resulted in exceptionally high quality tool holders and bags noted for their durability and efficient design.

Stilleto Hammers Titanium hammer line packs the same nail driving power of a heavy steel hammers, yet is half the weight.

Uncle Bills Tweezers Arguably the finest tweezers you'll ever use, Uncle Bill's Tweezers have precision ground, stainless steel points providing pin-point gripping

Veto Pro Pac The Veto Pro Pac is the first tool carrying system that keeps your tools organized protected and within reach at all times. 




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