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 20" 40" 60"and 80" Digital Calipers

Electronic Digital Calipers offer you easiest reading, gearless (chip resistant), English and Metric measurements without the need for reading a vernier (or a bar ad dial) - at less than the cost of a "name brand" dial caliper. Our own "Easy Glide" action provides the smoothness and "feel" to make accurate measurements to .005". with depth bar, thumb roller and scale on bar. Hardened measurement surfaces, lockable jaws, wood storage case and a spare battery assure long and productive life. Instant conversion calculator with English/Metric button.
With Manual.
Part Number: 50007
20" Electronic Digital Caliper
Part Number: 50009
40" Electronic Digital Caliper
Part Number: 50021
60" Electronic Digital Caliper
Part Number: 50022
80" Electronic Digital Caliper

24" 40" 60" and 80" Vernier Calipers

We stock Extended Vernier calipers in lengths 24" 40" 60" and 80". These are good quality, satin chrome plated calipers with .001" and .02mm scales in a  storage case. They have a fine adjustment feature to help you make long measurements. 


  • Crisp Bar Markings in Inches and Millimeters
  • Satin Chrome-Plated
  • .001in. and .02mm Scales
  • Fine Adjustment to help you make long measurements\
  • Low Cost and Versatile Measurement
  • Outside, Inside, Step and Depth dimensions
  • Hardened measurement surfaces
  • Stainless construction
  • Convenient Storage Case

Measuring Length

Jaw Length

Model No.


24" Vernier Caliper
(accuracy +- 0.001)



40" Vernier Caliper
(accuracy +- 0.003)



60" Vernier Caliper
(accuracy +- 0.004)
6"  CB-50018
80" Vernier Caliper
(accuracy +- 0.005)
7" CB-50019

* 60" and 80" Calipers  must be shipped via  freight truck.  Ships only within the 48 states.

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