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Dial Calipers

Chicago Brand Stainless Dial Calipers offer high quality with fast, easy and accurate measurement of outside, inside, step and depth and depth dimensions to within .001". Hardened measurement surfaces, covered rack gears, jaw lock and rugged indicators assure your long and satisfactory use. Premium models feature Easy Glide action, durable screw mounted rack gears. Exquisite in construction, accuracy and feel!
Part Number: 50008
4" Pocket Dial Caliper
Part Number: 50004
6" Premium Dial Caliper
Part Number: 50004N
6" Gold Premium Caliper
Part Number: 50005
8" Premium Dial Caliper
Part Number: 50006
12" Premium Dial Caliper


- Stainless Steel
- Inside and Outside Measurement Jaws
- 0.001 Reading
- Includes Case
- One Year Warranty
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