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The heart of your fabrication shop! The versatile hydraulic ironworker punches and shears. Works in virtually any shop on a dedicated 110 Volt circuit with a 20 Amp breaker. A valuable part of any industrial, home or farm fabrication shop, the ironworker will increase productivity and profitability with quick, accurate fabrication capabilities.  .....

*Free Shipping to Commercial locations within the continental USA 
 (Hawaii and Alaska Not Included) 
*Tail lift service is offered at an additional cost.


Ironworker 4000
(40Ton Unit)
Price: $3100.00
(40 Ton Ironworker)
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Ironworker 4500FS
(45Ton Unit)
Price: $4595.00
(45 Ton Ironworker)
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Ironworker 4000FS
(40Ton Unit w Foot Switch)

Price: $4100.00
(40 Ton Ironworker)
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Ironworker 4500FSW12
(45Ton Unit w/ 12" Shearing Station)

Price: $5495.00
(45 Ton Ironworker)
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A huge selection of dies and accessories are available for the MetalPro Ironworkers.

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What our customers are saying  "...the MetalPro Ironworker has been a major help in our fabrication business.  It saves time and material. Most important of all, it saves us money!   I had a job where I needed several hundred holes punched into steel. I was not looking forward to having to use a hand-drill for holes. The Ironworker effortlessly punched the holes, and sheared the material one after another. 

I would never have thought that we could get so many different uses out of a single machine. .. Thank you Medford Tools for all of your help with our Ironworker."   -H&D Welding and Fabrication







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