Tube Benders
Rollcage fabrication in mind? Well, we have the solution for you.  Tube Benders made by ProTools, and Baileigh Industrial.  Wrinkle free bends in 1/2" to 2.5" tube capacity!
Tubing Notchers
When a tube is properly notched it will fit against the adjoining tube with the maximum amount of surface area. This spreads the load and allows the weld joint to be as strong as possible. We offer a wide variety of tube notchers to get the job done right.


Tube Notching Accessories
We have compiled all of the most common tools and accessories used for tube notching.  Hole saws, bevels, snap collars, and more! We also offer tube notching packages too!


Metal Pro Ironworkers
A valuable part of any industrial, home or farm fabrication shop, this Metalpro ironworker will increase productivity and profitability with quick, accurate fabrication capabilities.


Evolution Metal Saws & Mag Drills
Clean, fast, cool cutting through steel, aluminum, and other materials. Cuts steel as if it were wood!  Available in 7"  9" or 14" blade diameters.

Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication Supplies
General metal fabrication supplies such as holesaws, angle finders,  bending software, drils and more! 


JET Bandsaws 
JET saws deliver precision cuts for even the most heavy-duty jobs. Whatever your needs, JET manufacturers these machines to provide consistent, high-quality results cut after cut.  JET machines are up and running faster, longer and more efficiently than the competition.
Jet Mills and Lathes
JET milling machines are used for the complex shaping of metal and other solid materials. Its basic form is that of a rotating cutter or endmill which rotates about the spindle axis, and a movable table to which the work piece is affixed.






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