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Metal Armor metal polish

Metal Armor "Precision Metal Polish" was formulated with the street rodder in mind. The product produces a superb result on most uncoated metal surfaces. chrome plating and power coated surfaces. The formula is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Metal armor is used by a variety of high end" manufacturers of aftermarket parts as the polish of choice for creating a superior finish on products requiring the ultimate shine along with long lasting protection.

The unique formula is "progressive" meaning that every time it's used the result becomes more enhanced and liquid looking.

- A versatile product that is easy to use.
-Results that are beyond comparison
-Retardation of the oxidation process.
-A product that is safe (non hazardous)
-Environmentally friendly
-Contains no toxic chemicals.


Metal Armor  products are manufactured in the USA in a ISO 9001-2000 approved laboratory. The benefit to the user is that this association creates a value added quality control benefit. All products are manufactured and tested under strict International guidelines to insure control of both quality and consistency.

Metal Armor Metal Polish:  
8oz bottle
Metal Armor Final Polish & Sealant:
 8oz bottle
Formulated to give incredible results on the following metals:
Aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, copper, gold, magnesium, nickel, pewter, platinum, silver, stainless steel, and sterling silver. Not recommended for use on plated surfaces with the exception of chrome. Can be safely and effectively used on paint, clear coat and power-coated surfaces. (8oz)
Cutting edge technology lead to the creation of this "next level" formula. We recommend this product for all surfaces as a "Final Step." It is a PDF (Petroleum Distillate Free) blend that offers the highest degree of reflective qualities while adding a barrier that protects against oxidation, UV rays and "acid" rain. The product can be applied by hand or by buffer. Leaves crystal clear results and "No Swirls" when applied as directed. A must on reds and blacks. (8oz.)


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- Aluminum
- Brass
- Bronze
- Chrome
- Copper
- Gold
- Magnesium
- Nickel
- Pewter
- Platinum
- Silver
- Stainless Steel
- Automobiles
- Motorcycles
- Boats
- Aircraft
- Trucks
- Trailers
- Wheels
- ATV's
Polishes and Protects:





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