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Stiletto Hammers

The Stiletto titanium hammer line packs the same nail driving power of a heavy steel hammers, yet is half the weight. Equipped with a unique magnetic nail holder in the head, not only saves a lot of time on the job, it has a safer outcome when working in those hard to reach areas. The Titan is also noted for it's ergonomic design. As a consequence repetitive motion injuries are reduced.

Why Titanium? Titanium hammer heads, at nearly half the weight of steel, have ten times less recoil shock than steel, significantly reducing the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other stress related injuries. With common steel hammers, up to 30% of the kinetic energy created by the user's swing can be lost to recoil vibration, which can be transferred down the handle to the users arm. This energy that is normally lost to recoil with steel, is more efficiently transferred to the nail using a Titanium hammer. This is why the Stiletto Titanium will drive nails as well as the heavier hammers without the extra effort and weight.


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Dean On Hammers from

Up ‘til now the most exciting things in the hardware industry were calendar girls and neon tape measures. Well not any more. Check out the Dead On – superior hammers with a kick-ass attitude. No doubt the painted hickory handle will catch your eye. But wait until you pick it up. Unlike the company's founder the hammer is well balanced. Plainly put: this sucker hits a ton




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