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EX9  Death Stick Exhumer Nail Puller


The Death Stick Exhumer is More Than a Nail Puller. Buried The Nail In The Wrong Board? No worries, just dig it up with the Death Stick Exhumer. Lose your circular saw wrench? No problem, the Exhumer’s got one built right in. Need a drink? We can’t help you there, but if you find a bottle, the Exhumer also comes with a handy bottle opener

  • Nail puller
  • Cat's-paw
  • Saw-blade wrench
  • Bottle opener


Customer Review: I bought this nail puller last summer and its still kickin! its a little small but with a couple wacks of a hammer, itll dig right into the wood and surface the nail to where you can get your hammer on it, then its yours. one time i had to take out like 40 nails because we had to move a whole wall and it made quick work of it. it also comes in handy for the saw wrench too, my boss loves that. highly recommend buying, great quality, death stick did again (keep out of rain if u can, rusts easy, but rust comes off with use real easy too) PS:it says home improvement enthusiast, but im a part time framer(full time summer)


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