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Dead On DO24C 

24oz Dead On Hammer (Curved Handle)


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* Milled Faced
* Curved Handle
* 18" Hickory Handle
* Framing hammer
* Superior balance
* Magnetic Nail Holder


Now building a hammer ain’t rocket science. But if you happen to be a rocket scientist, you’ll really appreciate the fact that the head is an S-5 investment cast. S-5 tool steel is harder and tougher than standard 1060 steel, and investment casting guarantees precision

The innovative Magnetic Nail Set
is your third hand for plumb and line, sheeting, or any out of reach nail start. And you’re gonna praise the Lord for that little magnet when you’re hanging facia three stories up without health insurance


d1.jpg (2724 bytes)Triple Heat-Treating
is critical to the durability and performance of the Death Stick. The head and claws are hardened to a Rockwell rating of 55, while the center is cleverly “drawn-back” to Rockwell 45. The softer center acts as a shock absorber greatly reducing the chance of cracked or broken claws.

Cast-in Corrugation
(rather than cut-in) means the corrugated face will withstand more abuse.

Cylindrical Wedges
expand the hickory in a 360 direction eliminating voids.


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