Evolution Rage 3  Sliding Miter Saw

10" Rage 3 Sliding Miter Saw
Part Number: EVO-RAGE3
Price: $295.95
(Includes multi purpose blade)

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Also Available: RAGE 3DB Double Bevel Miter Saw

Will cut steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood. The special multipurpose blade makes it easy to cut through these different materials without changing the blade.  Ever get frustrated trying to cut a piece of board, only to find it has nails in it?  The RAGE 3 saw can cut right through!



The world's first truly multipurpose Miter Saw which cuts Steel, Aluminum and Wood (even wood with nails) with the same blade. This machine is an essential addition to any workshop or tool kit. The RAGE3 Miter Saw offers all the accuracy and functionality of a normal Miter saw, but through materials never thought possible before - THE RAGE3 WILL CUT A COMPOUND MITER THROUGH STEEL BOX SECTION!

Like other machines utilizing RAGE technology, the cut is fast, clean with virtually no burr or sparks. There is no heat build up either, the material is cool to the touch and can be handled straight away.

The Hi-torque gearbox reduces motor stresses, improving performance and durability.

The RAGE3 is a truly revolutionary Miter Saw in design as well as function, it features a unique in-line handle and switches enabling right or left handed use.


Motor (115v ~ 60Hz) 2000w (Soft Start)
Speed 2500RPM
Max Depth Cut (90 deg Bevel) 2-1/2"
Max Depth Cut (45 deg Bevel) 1-9/16"
Max Width Cut (90 deg Miter) 11-13/16"
Max Width Cut (45 deg Miter) 8-1/4"
Duty Cycle 30 mins
Overall Size (HxWxL) 23-5/8" x 20-5/64" x 30-45/64"
Weight 39.3lbs
Sound pressure under load 98.0 dB(A)
Blade Diameter 10" Bore 1" Kerf (Thickness) 0.078"
Warranty: 3 Years

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Additional Blades for the RAGE 3 miter saw
Steel Cutting 
Price: $89.95

Part No: EVO-RAGE255
Price: $69.99


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