Evolution 7" Metal Cutting Saw


7" Metal Cutting Saw
Price: $219.95
Special: $179.99 (Includes steel cutting blade)


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* Designed to cut steel, aluminum, and stainless steel without heat, burrs or coolant. Also cuts wood.
* Powerful 1100 watt 10 amp motor copes with the heaviest of work. Earth grounded and doubly insulated.
* 3500 RPM
* 2" Maximum cutting depth
* Optimal cut thickness:  1/4" 
* Long life blade cuts over 260 feet in 1/4"steel plate.
* Bevel Tilt 0 - 45 degrees
* Spindle lock for easy blade changes.
* Includes, steel cutting blade, carry case, trigger switch, operators manual, goggles and hearing protection.
* Saw weight: 15lbs
* High quality construction with 3 year warranty.


The Evolution STEELSAW1 is the worlds first Metal Cutting Saw, with it's 7"  blade, high power 1100w motor and a generous 2" depth of cut it has established itself across industries as the standard metal cutting saw. Many thousands of satisfied users will attest to it's durability and versatility, whilst it's compact dimensions and light weight make it ideal for use on or off site. All backed by the unique Evolution 12 month warranty.

The Evolution metal cutting saw quickly and easily cuts through steel and aluminum with minimal sparking, heat or burrs, to leave a neat, clean finish every time - No need for coolant! Powerful and portable, this versatile evolution metal cutting saw can also be used to cut most types of wood and plastic without the need to change the blade.


Available Blades
Steel Cutting 
36 tooth 

 Aluminum Cutting
54 tooth

* Stainless Steel Cutting

Thin Steel 
(sheet metal) 

Wood Cutting

* Stainless Steel is a very tough material.  Blade expectancy is approximately 10 feet in 1/4" material


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