View A Video of the Degree Stop in action!

Model: DS100

Tired of straining your neck as you keep leaning over to make sure you don't bend your tube too far?
Or have you not figured out how to unbend a tube a few degrees?
Well...  DegreeStop  to the rescue!

DegreeStop  is an extremely useful tool aid to alert you when you have reached your desired bend.  It has been designed to work specifically on the ProTools and JD Squared Benderd.

 How many times have you wished someone would stand over the degree wheel and let you know when you've reached the mark?

It's simple to set up and simple to use.  And it's rugged so no need to worry about destroying it on the first day (or ever).  It's economical, considering that it might keep you from screwin' up a perfectly good bend.  No maintenance required except for a new battery every few years.  And it will help simplify the problem of  "springback".



Here's what's being said about DegreeStop


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