Assembly & Operating Instructions
Copyright 2004 by J D Squared Inc.


1) The tube bender may be mounted to anything rigid enough not to twist or move during the bending operation. To mount the bender
drill two 3/4" holes 2" inches apart through the mounting surface. The front cover shows the bender mounted on the optional
pedestal. NOTE: You can use the Frame Base to help position the holes the correct distance apart for drilling.
2) Assemble the bender's frame assembly as shown below.
A) Place the Frame Base on your mounting surface aligned with your drilled 3/4" holes.
B) Place the Lower Frame Link with the notched side to the left on top of the Frame Base aligned with the two 3/4" holes.
C) Assemble the Ratchet and Swing Lever exactly as shown in figures 1,2 & 4 using the 3/4" pin and two 1/8" spring pins.
The Swing Lever must rotate almost a full 180 degrees . If the Swing Lever is installed upside down you will be unable
to engage the next ratchet tooth during bending. Please, double check it. For hydraulic adapter installation see page 3.
D) Place the Swing Lever and the 1" Collar on one of the two Spacer Tubes (1" OD tubes). Do not tighten collar.
E) Install the Upper Frame Link, Ratchet assembly and 1" Spacer Tubes as shown above. Hand tighten the bolts.
F) Insert the 1" Frame Pin into the 1" Frame Link
hole. Slide the 7/8" Frame Pin into hole #5.
Tighten the 3/4" nuts as tightly as possible, while
insuring the two pins are perfectly vertical and
slide easily through their respective holes.
G) Raise the Swing Lever to the middle of the Tube
Spacer and lock into position with the 1" Collar.
H) Install Degree Plate as shown. Use only your
hand to snug down the nut. This nut is never
wrench tightened. This allows you to easily adjust
the Degree Plate while bending.


3) The two Drive Links are assembled next. Using the
two 3/4" OD Drive Link Spacer Tubes, two 1/2" bolts,
four 1/2" washers and two 1/2" nuts, assemble the two
Drive Links as shown in figure 3. The word 'TOP' must
be face up on both links. This is very important
because three of the four 7/8" drive holes are offset to
the right. Hand tighten only. Insert the two pins into
their respective holes to help alignment. Lay the
assembly on its side to further help alignment and
wrench tighten securely.

4) Remove all pins from the Drive Link assembly. With the word 'TOP' facing up, Install the Drive Link assembly into the Frame
assembly using the 1" Frame Pin. See figure 4. The bender is now assembled and ready for the die set to be installed.


NOTE: The tube bender requires a handle made of 1" x 2" rectangular tubing with a wall thickness of .083" or .095", cut to 54" long.
The bender does not come with a handle because the shipping cost alone are more than an entire length of this tubing. We can
supply it if absolutely necessary at an additional cost, however in keeping with the budget minded idea of the Model 3 Bender, it
is less expensive to supply your own handle. There is absolutely no need to fabricate a fancier handle. A simple piece of rectangular
tubing works the best. NOTE: A 54" long handle should allow the average user to bend 1 3/4" x .095" wall mild steel tubing using
just one hand. If bending chrommoly, DOM or larger tubing and find you desire more leverage to reduce the bending effort
required, you may extend the handle as needed. Usually a 2 ft. extension is sufficient. If bending smaller tubing, 1" OD for example,
we generally use a handle only 24" long.


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