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California Air

Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors

Designed to have a pump life cycle of  3000 Plus hours compared to other comparable air compressors with life cycles of 500 hours or less




We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on "California Air" Compressors!
(Free Shipping within the 48 States) (Air Compressors are shipped direct from our suppliers in California)
Model 4610S 4610AC
Output @ 40 PSI 3.10 CFM 3.10 CFM
Output @ 90 PSI 2.20 CFM 2.20 CFM
Maximum Pressure 116 PSI / 8 Bars 116 PSI / 8 Bars
Displacement 125 / Seconds 125 / Seconds
Motor Type Electric 8.5 Amps Electric 8.5 Amps
Horse Power 1.0 hp (Rated / Running) 1.0 hp (Rated / Running)
Motor Speed - RPM 1680 RPM 1680 RPM
Voltage/Hertz 110V / 60HZ 110V / 60HZ
Pump Oil-Free Oil-Free
Decibel Level 60db 60db
Tank Capacity 4.6 Gallons 4.6 Gallons
Tank Type Steel Aluminum
Pressure Control Meter 2 2
Universal Quick Connectors 2 2
Thermal Overload Protection Yes Yes
Length 17.3" 17.3"
Height 20" 20"
Weight 62 lbs 45 lbs
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Price $279.99 $229.99 $295.99 $259.99
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California Air, Air Compressors are much quieter than other compressors on the market.  See for yourself...  



Examples of Sound Levels:

30db  Soft Whisper

60db GMC SYCLONE Air Compressors

65db Normal Conversation

80db Cabin of a Jet Airplane

130db Jet Airplane and Gunshots








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